Study Journey with Ji San

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My name is Ji San, I’m 20 this year. I’m studying Interior Design at LASELLE College of the Arts in Singapore. I started my studies here in August 2021.

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Why did you choose to study in LASELLE, Singapore?

I wanted to study at a university that fully emphasizes on Art courses. Additionally, Singapore is close to home, which makes it much more convenient if I wanted to return to Malaysia, especially during this pandemic.

How has your university experience been thus far?

It’s been quite comforting because in terms of accommodation, I am currently living in the same building as a friend. In fact, it is thanks to JM that I managed to get this accommodation and get in contact with her. Since my accommodation is situated right below a mall, I like to visit the mall during my free time, along with my friends here. Also, I chose not to work as I feel like my study workload is quite heavy.

What has been your favourite memory in the Singapore?

Surprisingly, my favourite memory is actually using the public transport. Back home, everyone owns a car, but here, it’s a lot more convenient to use the public transport because it stops at exactly where you need it to.

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How did JM help you throughout the application process?

JM always kept me updated on what needs to be done. Especially during this pandemic, the Singapore government is always changing the rules about entering the country and the documents required. Thus, JM helped create a smooth application process for me.

Would you recommend JM to others?

JM has given me the impression that they can do the impossible. I was one of the very few Malaysian students that managed to enter Singapore, and it’s thanks to JM. In fact, a lot of my friends are still unable to enter Singapore and are waiting for further information. I would definitely recommend JM to my friends if they need guidance on applying to university and also ensuring that they have all the right documents.

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Study Journey with Ji San

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