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Your Overseas Study Specialist. This is the distinguishing feature which differentiates us right from the beginning. Today our service is extended to serving as a one-stop education advisory and placement centre, providing free, comprehensive educational counselling to parents and students seeking professional advice on further education ranging from school, pre-university to tertiary level. We have a team of experienced multilingual counsellors to guide students through the entire process of arranging their study overseas in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Singapore as well as locally in Malaysia.

Counsellors at JM are zealous in our mission to fulfil the hopes of parents and inspire students to achieve their potential through proper planning. Many of our counsellors are Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC), and JM is Education New Zealand recognised agency. We are an authorised registration agent of British Council for IELTS English test.

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