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Student Testimonials

  • Isabel HasriIsabel Hasri

    Irene, the education agent, is truly exceptional! Her dedication to helping students find the perfect educational opportunities is evident in every step of the process. She is not only knowledgeable about various academic paths but also incredibly patient and attentive to individual needs. She provides excellent guidance, cares about students and knows her stuff. I highly recommend Irene to anyone seeking reliable and supportive assistance in their educational journey.

  • Natalie MikkelsenNatalie Mikkelsen

    I was assigned JM Eugene to assist me with my application process to Australia. The Australian Visa application process is very troublesome, however with Eugenes help, it was a very smooth and hassle free journey! He didn’t not hesitate to address any of my concerns and is very well informed:) highly recommend JM services for those pursuing studies abroad

  • ze mingze ming

    Thanks alot to Irene, who guide me the whole long process on Uni application. She provide excellent assistant and also very efficient in providing informative answer according to my inquiries. Very efficient and informative. Helps alot on my application to Uni, and provide excellent assist on my Visa. Although there are no working hr on weekend, instead of ignoring my msg, Irene does not hesitate to reply most of my issues. Im very satisfied and glad to meet such agent. Thankyou Irene! Really appreciate about it 🙏

  • Jingle _1230Jingle _1230

    My experience with JM Education Group was great. JiaYi was my agent and she had made the visa application process smooth and easy which I was able to easily understand and follow thoroughly. Other than that, she was also attentive to several questions I had, further providing assurance. I totally recommend students to approach JM as the service provided was excellent!!

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