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General Introduction on Singapore

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Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world, but it has a lot to offer. It’s also known as the lion city, or the little red dot on the map. Singapore is a dynamic city that is a fascinating and unique blend of the East and West, making it one of the top destinations in Asia.

Education in Singapore is highly prioritized by the government and is among the top in global education rankings. Singapore offers a range of options for tertiary education, such as publicly funded universities, private institutions, polytechnics, foreign universities, art schools, and more.

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Nowadays, Singapore has become a popular study destination for international students, especially Malaysian students who live in Johor.

Featured Singapore Institutions

Study Destination: Singapore

Safe & Secure <br>Environment
Safe & Secure
Excellent Infrastructure <br>& Public Transport
Excellent Infrastructure
& Public Transport
Multi-ethnic <br>Country
High Standard <br>of Living <
High Standard
of Living

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Study Cost

Please note that study cost subject to annual revision of tuition fee from respective institution.

Study Level Annual Tuition Fee (SGD) Living Cost (SGD)
Foundation $4,500 - $15,000 $10,000
Diploma $12,000 - $21,000 $10,000
Bachelor's Degree $32,000 - $62,000 $10,000
Master's Degree $27,000 - $52,000 $10,000
PhD $45,000 - $135,000 $10,000

Student Accommodation

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Application Checklist

  • Copy of Passport
  • Academic Transcripts – SPM/ IGCSE onwards
  • English Language Proficiency – IELTS/ TOEFL etc
  • Portfolio (if applicable)


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